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Code for any program. MACINTOSH.

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L'Astrologue v1.3 : Name: Moon First Name: Dark Last Name: 66783421
L.K.I.S.S. v1.0 : s/n: KS1-010-001-025-550
Label Printer v2.07 : Type: Site s/n: 2-505-688-06 Akuma
LabView v2.2.1 : s/n: 27645 PN: 4224446-24
LaCie Storage Utilities v1.4 : s/n: 1411092382
LAN Commander v1.0.4 : s/n: N324SHAI-00000-55976807 or s/n: N104SHBI-00000-94740423 or s/n: N123SHAI-00000-10559234
LANsurveyor v3.5 : s/n: Le20635
LANsurveyor v2.0 : s/n: Lu60000 or s/n: Lu69996
LapTrack v1.0f : s/n: 85502930
LaserMerge v2.0.1 : s/n: 01-000001000
LaserMerge v2.0 : s/n: 348745343 (any 9 digit number)
Laserwriter v8.4.1 : s/n: 4b451702Lf3923939
Lasso v2 : s/n: LP2-wBAbEPHMILaOMP
Last War v1.0.6J : s/n: C3MKEYP or s/n: X25BYHS
Launch v1.1.0 : s/n: 777-2222-2 or s/n: 070-BWM2-0
Launch Pad v1.0 : s/n: LPM-03061-3480
LaunchControl v1.0 : When the registration reminder appears, hold down the 1 and left shift keys and press ok, you will hear a beep, the program is now registered. You cannot use the keypad 1 key, use the main keyboard´s.
Lazer Plus : s/n: 201MD00621
Le Correcteur v1.01 : s/n: 0382752-0369610-0049402
Le Correcteur v1.01 Pro : s/n: V2S V2H H6W R7S or s/n: R8Y W2V H6W M5F or s/n: D4K U8X H6Q F5F
Le Correcteur v2.2 : s/n: 0132391 or s/n: 0067394 or s/n: 0499963
Learn To Type v1.5.1 : 1. Do not enter a name 2. Enter the number 408194084083 3. Delete the number
Learn To Type v1.5.1 : 1. Enter a one letter name 2. Enter the number 2021 3. Delete the number
Leecher v2.1 : Delete LeecherData file. Hold option key. Launch. Register. SName: 12345 Key: 3243809
Leprechaun v3.0 : s/n: 68uwxw58 (case sensitive)
LessTalk v1.0 : s/n: 801038
LetraStudio v1.5 : s/n: LS1144UK
LetterPerfect v2.1.2 : s/n: F2USMLP21D
Liaison v3.0 : s/n: 40026825185 or s/n: 40063496992 or s/n: 40063576094
LifeForms v3 : s/n: 39CC-75DA-2EFB-AF20
LightningDraw/WEB v1.1 : s/n: 67345672
LightWay Text v2.0 : s/n: LEU0104602
LinoColor v5 : s/n: C4475-WKQV8Z-UUQ3B
LiSa v1.1 : s/n: LS-71827-36250
ListSTAR v1.0 : s/n: SMTP L*SM-wr8q-q7pW-Tuue-pwTW or s/n: POP L*P3-9w97-t3RQ-pYte-uyYW or s/n: QuickMail L*QM-u397-7rey-yrYr-epWR or s/n: Microsoft Mail L*MS-p8ye-9rYt-RyRy-ttTW
ListSTAR vAll : License number: 837654 Licence string: XXV s/n: L*SM-y71W-7reu-uYp7-up61
ListStar SMTP Server : Licence number: 837654 Licence string: XXV s/n: L*SM-y71W-7reu-uYp7-up61
ListStar/MS v1.x : s/n: L*MS-%UTq-erU2-%6%9-e3eP or s/n: L*MS-060e-3e55-%7Y6-q6p1 or s/n: L*MS-006e-381W-TyQ8-83q@ or s/n: L*MS-tU42-4tRT-%t0p-q98R or s/n: L*MS-Ep42-4qER-PeU8-p9u1 or s/n: L*MS-@%eW-t92R-Q428-w7t% or s/n: L*MS-QwTR-98PU-07Pe-36t2 or s/n: L*MS-Q5eR-up05-2wT4-36yE
ListSTAR/POP v1.x : s/n: L*P3-rr0T-37Yr-TP87-rtwP or s/n: L*P3-W%Ty-t60e-1P36-69p0 or s/n: L*P3-uwTr-urP6-UY3r-7t4@ or s/n: L*P3-8748-76Tu-QYep-t7r0 or s/n: L*P3-Q316-98@9-YQp8-wuwU or s/n: L*P3-0R04-3rTe-%E47-38w% or s/n: L*P3-uw40-9wQq-YPqw-r73R or s/n: L*P3-y7e@-tuTp-Q53q-9p8R
ListStar/QM v1.x : s/n: L*QM-QwT0-9uqW-4yP7-rwu2 or s/n: L*QM-rRr4-3ryT-6yR7-p8tP or s/n: L*QM-Wt48-743Q-7rW3-p6wQ or s/n: L*QM-RrR4-3yyY-yr1q-yyr0 or s/n: L*QM-7pT2-epqP-w9Eu-rtuE or s/n: L*QM-tU4U-e8p1-y6Qt-wuqW or s/n: L*QM-y74W-t37R-pw28-ru4Q or s/n: L*QM-%peq-eer2-8e%r-y8pW
ListSTAR/SMTP v1.x : s/n: L*SM-r0R4-wp8u-9Yut-93r2 or s/n: L*SM-Wt4y-t443-y09p-te4E or s/n: L*SM-7pTU-4393-rWy9-q6y@ or s/n: L*SM-yte@-7ppw-6@wt-e49% or s/n: L*SM-8t18-7wy4-eP7q-tuuQ or s/n: L*SM-Wte@-tey3-uTw3-p93R or s/n: L*SM-R0r1-37ue-80t6-4q81 or s/n: L*SM-Q5eR-uq63-qY3w-6uq@
Live Index v1.0.1 : The current evaluation key is: LV001000-860622359-291088260 Key expiration date: 20 August 1997
Live Picture v2.6 : s/n: W2D52-19E4-B61E-A2B5
Living Album : s/n: 160-10011-07191
Loan Pro v1.7.5 : Name: Registered s/n: 724850384
Local Path v1.0.2 : s/n: 21306259915
LockSmith v2.0 : Name: Buck Rogers Company: NASA s/n: 107722566
Lode Runner - The Legend Returns : Name: MMC s/n: 116464092204949
Log Watcher v1.1.4 : Name: MoonDark s/n: 2216914381
LogDoor v2.x : s/n: 24214022638245 or s/n: 24212752044155 or s/n: 24217652205216
LogDoor v2.2 : s/n: 24210650127430 or s/n: 24211993894369 or s/n: 24219781686677
Logic Audio v2.5 : s/n: 6447374
LogicPict v1.5 : s/n: NARITA BRIAN
Logo Corrector v2.1 : s/n: 210342-5733
LogoMation v1.1.2 : Name: Registered s/n: 905-451-1686 PW:36K-95F
LogoMotion v2.1 : s/n: 004-6100-0433-0104
LogoMotion v2.0 : s/n: 04-5320-2590
Logovista E to J v4.5 Pro : s/n: 46-784D-2E1358AF4
Logovista E to J v4.5 Personal : s/n: 46-784D-2E1358AF4 or s/n: 06-3FA1-4227D9146
Logovista E to J v4.0 : s/n: 4C-F98A-9A17760E2
Logovista E to J v3.0 Pro : s/n: 49-38E4-F96D29F26
Logovista E to J v3.0 : s/n: 2D-32E6-D43EA61C5
Look Mom, No Hands! v1.5.1 : To register, hold down the control key and the mouse button during startup, it will disable some Extensions and Control Panels, but after loading, you get the "Now Registered" message; just restart and no more annoying "Please Register" message!
Loony Labyrinth v1.0.x : s/n: 9269LLM106162-U1 or s/n: 4880LLM234567-U1 or s/n: 1409LLM123456-U1
Lotus Notes v3.2 CD Image : s/n: 100-1208613
Media Manager : s/n: MMC100DR1043021660 or s/n: MMC100DR1044021661 organizes multimedia files into searchable records. 5 client license. (luminous.com)
LXR Test v5.1 : s/n: 1000B
LXR Test Scoring v5.1.0.1 : s/n: 1001ESS

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